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Tessie Collars

Murphy (Retro Azure)

Tessie Collars

Diva (Skinny Wave Pink/Purple)

Tessie Collars

Floss (Retro Cerise)

Tessie Collars

Jet (Retro Cerise)

Tessie Collars

Fly (Custom Pink)


All Tessie Collars are lined with either polycotton or soft webbing, and have quality stainless steel fittings.

Martingale collars are especially designed for dogs like Greyhounds and other sighthounds, who tend to have wide necks and narrow heads. However, they are also popular with owners of other breeds, especially working dogs who have a tendency to try and slip out of their collars. Diva (Hungarian Vizsla), Floss (Border Collie) and Jet (Crossbreed) are all modelling their martingale collars to the right.

Your dog should be able to wear their collar everyday, but the delicate fabrics we use on some of our collars (such as the Classic Gold or Skinny Silver) require a little more care. We suggest saving them for when your dog is lounging at home, or out on special occasions, and swapping to a more robust fabric (such as the Retro or Skinny Pink) for muddy walks or playing on the beach.

We occasionally have Limited Edition Collars available.

When ordering, please specify which size collar you would like:

If you require a different size don't hesitate to contact me to discuss a custom made-to-measure collar.

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Tessie Collars - Retro


Price: £11.99

The Retro is one of our most popular designs, featuring a bright, bold fabric in four vibrant colours. The black polycotton fabric lining is soft and lightweight, and provides a neat black border to the bright Retro design. The collar is finished with chunky stainless steel fittings to complete the design.
Available as a 2" width only, in Cerise (pictured), Olive, Blue, and Azure. Click here to view these colours.

Tessie Collars - Jacquard


Price: £11.99

The Jacquard is a more traditional sighthound collar, featuring an intricate design available in five different colours. Finished with our usual black polycotton lining, this is a firm favourite amongst sighthound lovers.
Available as a 2" width only, in Blue (pictured), Hot Pink, Pink, Yellow, and Brown. Click here to view these colours.

Tessie Collars - Aztec


Price: £11.99

The Aztec is a striking coloured ribbon braid on black, and is a hard-wearing design. You can feel safe letting your dog race through the woods wearing this collar, and know they'll come back looking just as good.
Available as a 2" width only.

Tessie Collar: Classic Gold

Classic Gold

Price: £11.99

A traditional style sighthound collar, featuring metallic gold thread on a dark background. Finished on appropriately coloured soft webbing.
Available as a 2" or 1.5" width, in Blue/Gold (pictured) or Brown/Gold. Click here to view these colours.

Tessie Collar: Skinny Pink

Skinny Pink

Price: £11.99

The Skinny Pink is perfect for those girly dogs, but the tough webbed ribbon that means the girls can wear this on all occasions, whether it be a posh event or just out for a run with friends. Backed on purple, pink or yellow soft webbing.
Available as a 1" width, or double or single strand 2" width.

Tessie Collar: Skinny Wave

Skinny Wave

Price: £11.99

The Skinny Wave is a traditional style sighthound pattern, and is available in three distinctive colours. The gold metallic thread in this collar gives a touch of class, but the thread is delicate and so we recommend this collar only be used for relaxed, dry events.
Available as a 1" width, double or single strand 2" width, in Blue/Pink, Pink/Purple, and Black/Blue. Click here to view these colours.
The collar pictured to the right is a Pink/Purple Skinny Wave collar (single-strand 1" width) on purple webbing.

Tessie Collar: Skinny Silver

Skinny Silver

Price: £11.99

The Skinny Silver.
Available as a 1" width or double or single strand 2" width, on green or pink webbing.
The collar pictured is the 1" single-strand on soft green webbing, Whippet size.

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Tessie Custom Collars

Custom Made

Price: £14.99

I can provide custom-made martingale collars for special occasions -- or special dogs! I can provide different sizes to our standard fittings, but can also source fabrics and ribbons specific to you or your dogs for something truly unique.

Please contact me to discuss your requirements.